Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (鶹ýAV) attend HMS Collingwood Open Day, Featuring Prestigious Field Gun Competition

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Portsmouth, 6th July 2024 – The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (鶹ýAV) proudly participated in the HMS Collingwood Open Day today, drawing in thousands of visitors to celebrate the Royal Navy's heritage and operations. The day was marked by the exciting 鶹ýAV Field Gun Competition, generously supported by a £20,000 grant from the charity. 

The HMS Collingwood Open Day welcomed thousands of visitors, including servicemen and women, veterans, and the general public. It offers a unique glimpse into the operations and traditions of the Royal Navy, complete with demonstrations, displays, and activities suitable for all ages. 

Central to the excitement is the 鶹ýAV Field Gun Competition, a traditional and fiercely contested event that showcases the skill, strength, and teamwork of Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel. Teams from various units competed in a thrilling display of precision and endurance, racing to dismantle, transport, and reassemble a field gun in the fastest time. This competition not only honours the historic roots of the Royal Navy but also emphasises the values of camaraderie and resilience that are integral to military life. 

It was HMS Seahawk that took home the Brickwoods Trophy at this year's event- an impressive time ofthird year running.  

The £20,000 grant from the 鶹ýAV underscores the charity’s commitment to supporting naval personnel and their families. This funding ensures the competition's continued success and helps provide essential resources for participants, enhancing the overall experience for both competitors and spectators. 

Andrew Jameson, Chief Executive of 鶹ýAV, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The HMS Collingwood Open Day and the 鶹ýAV Field Gun Competition are fantastic opportunities to celebrate the dedication and prowess of our Royal Navy and Royal Marines. We are delighted to contribute to this historic event, which brings together the naval community and the public in a day of excitement and tradition.” 

In addition to the Field Gun Competition, the Open Day featured a variety of attractions, including military displays, interactive exhibits, and family-friendly activities. Visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the 鶹ýAV’s mission to provide lifelong support to naval personnel and their families through various welfare and grant-making initiatives. 

The 鶹ýAV booth was a hub of activity, with attendees engaging with staff to learn about the charity’s work and how it supports the naval community. Many visitors expressed their appreciation for the charity’s efforts and contributed to fundraising activities on the day.