Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Celebrates HMS Diamond's Homecoming

Event, General

Portsmouth, 6th July 2024 — Today marked a significant event at His Majesty's Naval Base Portsmouth as HMS Diamond returned home after a successful deployment. The ship was warmly welcomed by families, friends and supporters, including the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (鶹ýAV). 

The Type 45 destroyer completed a deployment spanning several months, during which the ship and its crew performed vital duties for the nation's security and interests. As the ship docked at Portsmouth, emotions ran high as the crew was reunited with loved ones eagerly awaiting their return on the quayside. The homecoming was a poignant event, filled with pride and relief among families and crew members alike. 

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (鶹ýAV) has contributed significantly to the ship's welfare, including the reinvigoration of the Junior Rates Mess Deck, improvements to classrooms and libraries, and refurbishment of the Warrant Officers and Senior Rates Mess. 

Andrew Jameson, Chief Executive of 鶹ýAV, underscored the charity's commitment to supporting the Royal Navy community. "Today is a joyous occasion as we welcome back HMS Diamond and her crew. The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity is honoured to stand alongside our sailors and their families, providing support when it's needed most." 

The 鶹ýAV has been a cornerstone of support for the naval community, offering a wide range of services including financial assistance, mental health support and support for families of deployed personnel. Events like today's homecoming highlight the charity's dedication to enhancing the well-being and morale of those serving in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. 

As HMS Diamond resumes its routine post-deployment and the crew readjusts to life ashore, the 鶹ýAV remains steadfast in its support, ready to assist in every way possible. Today's homecoming serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by service personnel and the crucial role played by organisations like the 鶹ýAV in ensuring their welfare.